About My Rantings!

Welcome to my website. The original name was FunComputing but I thought I should give my website my own personal touch. I have changed my host yet again and left all my previous blogs on blogsome and blogspot to host my own blog & content managed dynamic website. One of the things that I didn’t like about commercial blogs is that the environment was very restrictive when it comes to choosing a theme or a plugin. Ofcourse all the features of wordpress were not available. I also needed a place to consolidate all my blogs and not have them scattered around. So I chose one.com as my provider. I have some redundant site using Drupal but I am making this as my primary site which if needed will have links elsewhere.

This site dedicated to computing and things which makes computing interesting as well as fun to learn and to work with. I am a hard core computer programmer, well now more a hobbyist since I don’t code at work and do so more in my free time without following any strict deadlines. I have been programming almost for 12 years now. I still remember the days when I wrote my first line of code on PDP-11 in my school days (yes the nice time-shared terminals with green screen and where me and my friends used to play “BANNER”). I then moved on to 8085 and 8086. From there it was 386 and upwards. But those were the days wherein you can really feel the power. Access to HIMEM, MBRs, etc. was hard to get to (you needed some real good computer knowledge to do that and once you did that, people started worshipping you ;), ofcourse talk about TSRs and Kernel Mode programming would get you to the same status now. And the future is Virtualization!!!

Nowadays, because of the ultra-high level of abstration, people who write code (read develop softwares), do not touch base the actual mechanics that goes on inside the system. The optimizing compilers and advanced code relocators available takes care of even shitty programs and they end up working on production systems (Yeah! I know the shitty code running inside restrained environments like modems). More processing power, more RAM, gives the coders the ability to design bad algorithms and still live with it. I am not kidding, I have seen the code that is produced out today and I am not at all happy with the quality.

But instead of lamenting, I thought I should share my insights and experience with all of you people out there who are really interested to get into the core of programming. As for me, my job these days as a Product Manager, rarely involves any coding. But I still keep up with it as my hobby code stuff in 16-bit and 32-bit assembly (I love 32-bit assembly more), C/C++ and .NET (VB, VC++, C#). I also program for Win32, WinCE and Symbian and Linux/*nix whenever I get some more time. I use a wide variety of tools ranging from Visual Studio 2005 to MASM 9.1. I also do some reverse engineering and use the associated tools for that as well. Anyways, I will put my articles, code, programs, etc. on this site and share knowledge with everybody as a good netizen should do.

So enjoy going through my pages and do drop in your comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc. Keep visiting this site regularly for updates and other things.