Retrospective 2015 – Good, bad and ugly!

My last blog entry was on 1st July 2015. It has almost been 6 months and I am not that proud of the lapse in time without writing down my thoughts. It is as I see not only bad for my readers but also for my mental health ;). In any case, one of my […]

OrmLite – Lightweight ORM Package + Android + *<—>* relationship?

My most recent adventure in Android/Multi-platform applications is CrickBoard! It is hosted on and is licensed under GPLv3. The application is still under construction and there will be some time before it becomes fully operational. Most of the work is remaining in the UI and further utility functions related to UI data handling. This […]

Open letter to Beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi, I am an ardent fan of yours right from the start even before you became a national hero. So much so that my family hails from Vadnagar and I am told that my grandfather was good friends with your father. Like million others, you are my hero and I look up […]