Install Microsoft XNA 4.0 refresh without VS2010 for VS2015

My previous article shows how to install Microsoft XNA 4.0 refresh without VS 2010 for VS2013. In the meantime, Microsoft is kind enough to release a Community Preview version of VS 2015. And boy it looks amazing. It is fast, has a lot of functionality, and I basically am in love with it! Also […]

Cross-Threaded Calls in .NET!

Now-a-days everybody has a Multi-core environment and you are required to code threads and/or multiple processes to be scalable and fully utilize the current hardware systems. And yes, it also proves that you are a good coder and are keeping up and committed to development of multi-threaded, multi-core applications. Now, now, I am talking a […]

.NET Obfuscators

As I am working a lot with .NET these days, I was looking for some .NET obfuscators along with their license types, features, URLs, etc. I got a link to a nice URL which gives all the Info at: Enjoy & have fun computing…