Blogging and start of an IDEA!!!

Brought forward from my old blogs which are no longer updated…

There are many important events happening around in my life both on the professional as well as the personal front. Ofcourse we will be talking professionally on this blog :) . Many a times it so happens that some events occur which in the whole context of either the project or the program being executed, is pretty much unnoticeable in the beginning, but turns out to have a huge impact on the final outcome.

Looking back we all learn a lot from those so called unnoticeable events which definitely if analysed properly gives us new insights, ideas, solutions, values, etc. I find my brain to be a logic analyser or a logic probe as it better be called ;) . In the night when I go to bed, my brain goes around all the events that happened for that particular day and then tries to build up a logical train or series of trains to justify the happening of that event.

Most of the times, it comes out with ideas on a variety of subjects apart from computing. These range from astrology, astronomy, philology, philosophy, anthropology, human behavior, project management (yeah… now comes the fun part), program management, software architecture and design, security, requirement analysis, project/program/issue/resource closure, FAA rules (don’t be surprised!!!), etc.

But as is the case with most lessons learned “:)”, the next night I forget all of them and my brain start thinking a lot more. If some of you my friends have been watching “Dexter’s Laboratory”, you will understand what I mean. These ideas can be termed as unfinished projects which then end up to haunt you later (and then comes the wish for a time machine).

So I thought of using this excellent technology concept known as blogging to start writing down my ideas, their origins, analysis, past and present. Most of the times they are relevant to the field of computing (as thats what we nerds do) but many also deal with a lot of logis (the ones mentioned 2 paras above). And nerd and logis when they mix, it is known as “Nerdology” :) .

Damn good way to set down the IDEAs and exchange more. So here it is folks, I will try to remain regular and write all the junk I have got in my head. Hopefully most of my fellow nerds can also put down their junk and we can start with this junk exchange program :D .

So here goes nothing…