Long time no see !!!

Long time no see!!! Well, my last blog entry was somewhere around 15th August, 2007. Yes, and a lot of changes happened in my personal as well as professional life during the time period. To start with, I quit my old job with the Indian company in Hyderabad, and have joined a Swedish Telecom company in Sweden. Reasons were many apart from being able to provide more output as well as do some more meaningful and challenging job. I will elaborate on my reasons to leave the company in some of my future posts.

To go on, I also have bought an apartment in Malmö, Sweden. Then the best part of my life came with the birth of my beautiful, sweet little daughter in November 2007. You can find her pics at http://picasaweb.google.com/payaljobs/Sweety071115. And nowadays, I am busy playing and taking care of her. Life is good on both the fronts.

So thats it for the (re)start. Oh! and I was on a vacation for 10 days (known as Pappa days, which can be taken in Sweden after a child is born). And I had quite an amount of free time in the night (when the baby slept and I was not able to…), so I tried to see if the old things that I used to do when I was studying is still valid and does those superb websites/knowledgebases still exists? Yes am talking about cracking/hacking.

Most of the majority have been removed from general public/search engines. I had quite a challenge to get hold of the material again. But I am glad to say that my search is not a waste. And just to see if I am not rusted, I tried a crackme and I was successful. It makes me feel as if I am again young enough :).

Anyways, if you are those ethical or FBI/CBI guys reading this post, I have done nothing wrong. I am just trying to gather knowledge for learning and follow the proverb, Knowledge is Power. I will, just for fun write a new blog on my other blog (the hidden blog!!!???) about the crackme and a kind of tutorial. Cause I feel that the new generation of computer guys are just too abstract, totally out of reality. Also I feel that there is a need to teach people about the basics of computing.

All these high level languages and abstract concepts have really made todays computer engineers into abstract thinkers. No doubt they don’t care about optimization, cpu and memory consumption, etc. as most of their job is done by compilers and linkers. And assembly, the key to everything, the utmost power is in ruins these days. I tried to search for some assembly things and I didn’t get that many hits and I used to get when I was in college. So, I am on my mission to bring out the cool stuff and pass on the knowledge.

But you won’t find it here on this blogs. It will be in a different blog site. Okay, I will give you a hint. The other blogging site is blogsome. So all you wanna be hackers out there, need to find my blog now. All the best. Believe me, its very easy.

Signing off for the day. Take Care…