Help Baby Seals Who Are Killed in Canada

Did you know that the Canadian government allowed more than 205,000 seals to be killed in their last annual seal massacre? Most of these gentle creatures are just babies, and many are skinned alive on the ice while still conscious.

With all eyes on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, the country should end the seal slaughter now so that the Vancouver Olympics aren’t tarnished. Write to the Olympic Committee and urge it to help end the seal slaughter now!

Please help protect the seals.


With the start of the annual Canadian seal slaughter just a few weeks away, PETA took to the frozen Rideau Canal in Ottawa to help stop the killings. Skaters looked on in wonderment as activists recreated the “crime scene” from an attack on a baby seal. Check out these photos from the demo:

If you haven’t witnessed the seal slaughter firsthand, you’ll have to trust us that it looks a lot like this bloody mess—but with seal babies’ corpses and wailing mothers nearby.

A voice from above says: “Stop the Seal Slaughter!”

Lord knows you don’t want this muck on your skates—or on your hands.