Raaz 2 – The Mystery Continues… Critic Review

Of course I am the critic reviewing the Raaz 2 movie by Mahesh Bhatt starring Imran Hasmi, …. , another actor and actress… What the fuck? What kind of critic am I when I don’t even remember the names of the actors/actresses in the movie? Well, never mind, infact after watching the movie, I felt that I had not only wasted 2.5 hours of my critical time but also wasted quite a lot of energy before the movie in speculation and raising serious expectations. So why am I wasting my time writing a review. Because there are lot of negative subtle messages in the movie which needs to be brought to light. Being an Indian and follower of Hindu religion, it amazes me that movies which are downright racist and making fun of the greatest religion in the world are made in India without any repurcursions neither from the media and nor from the people themselves. All of these does affect me since I am not living in India. Most of the people outside of India know about the great country from the movies which are produced there.

One such movie was “The Slumdog Millionaire”. I don’t know why it received Oscars. Maybe it is a part of international agenda to show how pathetic Indians are and why it can’t become a world power. All I know is that the movie was pure Bullshit. Infact, Bullshit would have been more interesting than that movie. After the movie was released, I had a hundred people giving me condolances on the state of India and how people live there and of course they were worried about my relatives living in those unhealthy environments!? It took a lot of time on my behalf to bring out the wrongs in the movie and show them the correct picture of India, to show them that India is not those slums, the slums ofcourse are there but they are not that bad, and that all the calamities occuring on the character do occur but do not occur to just one person. And I also had to bring out examples from their history and current affairs which proved that there state was not fairing any better. I could like others might have laid low and let everything pass. But my blood boils when some son of a bitch whose father was a white skinned asshole who fucked his mother in broad daylight and was brought up in a slum outside India, comes to India and starts bullshitting all over. I will write down another post with all the words that I have in my dictionary that I rarely use for that movie reivew. So back to Raaz 2 as the topic suggests.

Raaz (the first part) was a very good film starring Bipasha Basu. It had a story. It had something that compels you to feel other elements which cannot generally be felt. It had its fair share of hair raising scenes. I definitely liked the movie. I had similar expectations when I started watching Raaz 2. But instead of receving 2 hours of entertainment, it was 2 hours of copy paste from hollywood movies, with a lot of India and Hindu bashing put in to create a kind of masala which tasted downright horse shit.

The movie starts with the scene of a temple which is abandoned and a white guy running around with his shoes on. The priest of the temple is shown in mess in one of the rooms and when the white guy enters that room, he tries to remove his shoes, but the priest tells him that they had killed Bhagwan! Remember that Bhagwan and God are distinguished in the movie and both have not been considered one and the same. One of the subtle messages was that it was easy to kill Bhagwan. Hmm… maybe I am a pervert and am not thinking properly. So lets go ahead. Then we come to some bakwas/boring actress doing photo shoots, etc. The film goes ahead and after some time, a scene props up where Hindus are being shown workshipping their Bhagwan. After a minute, there comes a guy who starts saying stupid things about the religion like “Moorti/statue drinking milk, monkey doing pooja/prayers”, etc. and saying that these are all superstitions and that we as India would like to go forward, but we always go backward because of these kind of thinking.

Look at the subtle messages again. First of all, Hindu religion and Hindus doing poojas are termed as superstitious. Notice that Hindus are singled out and the statement necessarily does not apply to other religion followers since nothing about them is being wispered. Hindus might be the majority in India but ask a person outside India about people’s religion in India and he would come out with 3 religions namely Islam, Christianity and Buddism. The other subtle message is that India is always going backwards. I don’t know but if that would have been the case, then we would have our Shankaracharya (i.e. head of religion similar to Pope) asking people to not use condoms. But I see this and similar statements from heads of major religions of the world being made from developed countries. Another subtle message was that until and unless the Hindus discard superstition (which was worship) according to the movie, India will not grow and become a super power.

hmm.. It seems to be a far fetched conclusion since it is the Hindus and the people of India who have bled and suffered to give the world whatever good it has right now. Discussions on that are available on many other sites and might be the topics of further posts. But this movie undermined the faith of the followers of the third largest religion of the world with more than a billion followers. These kind of movies definitely affect the Hindu children who are being brought up in a multi-cultural environment where it becomes difficult for them to assert their identity because of the negative images/thoughts being broadcast in movies and media. Infact I had a couple of my friends who started identifying themselves as South Indians instead of Indians after Slumdog Millionaire was released and when they were asked downright stupid but humiliating questions from fellow people.

Finally the movie goes on to show that there was a ghost of a good person who was killed by the trio, priest, police inspector and factory owner for money? I haven’t seen any Bollywood movie, where a father or a mullah has been shown as evil. Why only Hindu Priests are singled out? Subtle messages. I know of many children who have already stopped going to temples because they think that the priest is evil and temples are a place where they earn money. So they instead go to a church/mosque to pray to God since it is cool and hitech as described in these bloody movies. I seriously doubt if Mahesh Bhatt has lost his mind along with his hair. Of course he might be looking forward to getting an oscar and the only way to get it is to criticize the heart and life of India, the people who make India what it is, and the only people in the world who cannot retaliate to such inconsistencies since it is their leaders who would like them killed and extinct. Read the following from : http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2008/01/bigot-arun-gandhi-forced-to-quit-fake.html

“he Mahatma had advised Jews, when they faced extinction at the hands
of the Nazis, “… to lay down the arms you have… You will invite
Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the
countries you call your possessions…”. Louis Fisher, Gandhi’s
biographer, asked him: “You mean that the Jews should have committed
collective suicide?” Gandhi responded, “Yes, that would have been
heroism.” May be, his grandson wants the same.

The Mahatma was consistent in his advice to Hindus, too. When faced
with violence perpetrated by Muslims, he asked them to not fight back
but die “honourably”. Many Hindus succumbed to the Mahatma’s advice,
and hundreds of thousands of Hindus were killed, raped and assaulted,
over a period of three decades that the Mahatma’s writ ran over India.

Gandhi never advised Muslims to lay down their arms. He sang, “Ishwar,
Allah tere naam” but did not acknowledge that Muslims would never
accept Allah be called anything but Allah. He did not ask Muslims to
look into their hearts and find why they so hated their Hindu
neighbours and fellow countrymen.”

http://agrasen.blogspot.com/2009/01/true-face-of-gandhi.html is also a good read which shows the real face of the Indian rulers. I have been living outside of India and have come to know of the real essence which makes India. It is the people and the culture and it is not alien and imported one. It is the Hindus and Hinduism who cradle the world in its nectar. If they are not there, India would be another one of those countries without any real identity.

I pray to God/Bhagwan to give strength to the people of India, to fight against the onslaught of misinformation and misogamist views of traitors and Hindu baitors, to make them win and survie the unpleasant past and the not so good present and give them a very bright future where the real India says Jai Hind looking at a country which was the super power of the world and which will be the super power of the world.

Jai Hind