SMSBiljett – A new Android Application to buy SMS tickets in Skåne


 Available on:


This is for all the people who have been struggling to get a proper ticket on the buses run by Skånetrafiken in Sweden. As most of you are already aware, starting with 1st June 2011, Skånetrafiken local buses are not accepting any cash on board the bus to buy a ticket. One just has 2 options: either buy an SMS ticket or have a “Rabatt Kort”. As an outsider, it might be very difficult to get on a bus. Also the process of getting an SMS ticket is very cryptic. My new application SMS Biljett eases the process.


The simple application allows you to select the city that you are in from a list of cities in a drop-down box as supported by Skånetrafiken. One then needs to select the kind of ticket that needs to be bought and press “Köp Biljett”.


Voila, the SMS is sent and the resulting ticket sent by Skånetrafiken is in your message inbox. No need to remember more cryptic codes and number, etc. to buy your SMS ticket.


The application is hosted on (waiting to be approved). I will post a link here as soon as the approval process is done. I will also upload it on Android Market (need to clear some technicalities there first). And I will also upload it on my website here (can’t access my domain site for uploading here) and update the post with all the links.


I am also removing the forums from my website since it has been subject to a lot of spam. All of these is happening sometime tonight or this weekend.


In the meantime, have a look at how it looks in the picture.