Open letter to Beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,

I am an ardent fan of yours right from the start even before you became a national hero. So much so that my family hails from Vadnagar and I am told that my grandfather was good friends with your father. Like million others, you are my hero and I look up to you as a source of inspiration. I have been regularly ridiculed by everybody of being a “Modi Bhakt” and all the associated abuse that generally comes with it. I have been following in your footsteps, being patient enough to not react and try to find the best from the assaults, hoping that one day, truth will prevail (“Satyamev Jayate”). I am one of those who celebrated when you/BJP attained majority and you graced the prime minister’s office.

But sir, I have to write this letter to you because I am concerned. I am concerned that my hero, the person whom I look up to, has perhaps wavered in his path and is unable to follow his “Dharma” (Raj) which he has followed with a whole lot of perseverance. In the best case, this letter will hopefully provide me with answers that shows that my hero has not wavered in the path of “Dharma” and will restore my faith and the faith of all the readers. In the worst case, I would be able to touch your inner self and hopefully we will see an improvement in equality and justice to all, injustice to none. Please do excuse me for this long letter but the questions raised below are also arising in millions of your followers.

Sir, your motto always has been “Vasudev Kuttumbkam” and “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas”. It has already been 9 months. There has been a lot of development and we are thankful for that. We can clearly see India on a clear path of welfare and progress. But in the same 9 months, there have been incidents in the country which make my head hang in shame, make me afraid and make me loose confidence in the bright future being projected.

1. Uncontrolled Mainstream Media (MSM)!
Sir, when you come to power, we all imagined that strict laws will be brought in place for the uncontrolled blabbering going on in the media. MSM even today dares to get away with their untruths and biases which hurts the social and secular fabric of India.
Why is the MSM allowed to propagate lies and tar the image of the country?

2. Sadvi Pragya, Assaram bapu and many others still in Jail!
No charges have been proven against neither Sadvi Pragya nor Assaram bapu. But they have been time and again made culprits and presented to the world as such. The same people who for political benefits imprisoned Kanchi Shankracharya Jayendra Saraswati, today are roaming freely. They have been maligned and physically and mentally harassed, yet neither an apology nor a clarification is issued for them.
Why is no public apology given and why are these people still in jails without any evidence?

3. Shamli Incident
I thank God that Shamli incident didn’t turn into another Godhra. The more and more I read into it, the more I am convinced that there are some people in the country who are not afraid of law or the state. Similar events have happened in Nadia as well but the MSM and government is conspicuously silent.
Why could you not tweet or tell us that the incident is being looked into and the perpetrators will be appropriately punished?

4. Black Money
I understand that laws is taking its own turn but
Why is the issue of black money suddenly on the back burner?

5. No action on traitors like Teesta Setalvad, Owaissi brothers, etc.
Owaissi brothers have openly challenged the idea of India, Teesta has been actively involved in spreading lies and hatred between Hindus & Muslims, Zakir Naik openly spreads terrorism, Jama Masjid Immam openly challenges Indian government, etc.
Why is the law not able to touch them?

Sir, when we elected you, we were sure that you of all will not hide behind any veil. Congress so far has been hiding behind the veil of secularism allowing for unlawful behavior and corruption. Today, it looks like you have put on a veil of development which does not allow you to look into these issues.

Your team tweets on various happenings across the world, in multiple languages and on birthdays and anniversaries of various dignitaries around the world. BUT, we feel very dejected when you can’t tweet on a grave incident that is happening in our country! Wouldn’t it have been good if you can tweet that the government is looking into the Shamli incident and perpetrators are brought to justice?

Sir, you can very well say that I am misreading and misunderstanding and no one would be more happier than me. But please do look into the security issues affecting our country. You have the power to change and we look forward to support you. Thank you very much for the patience and hope I will get answers to these questions and many more soon from you/your team.

Jai Hind. Vande Matram.