OrmLite – Lightweight ORM Package + Android + *<—>* relationship?

My most recent adventure in Android/Multi-platform applications is CrickBoard! It is hosted on github.com and is licensed under GPLv3. The application is still under construction and there will be some time before it becomes fully operational. Most of the work is remaining in the UI and further utility functions related to UI data handling. This […]

Win-REPO–A custom repo tool on Windows!

I have created a tool in my free time for duplicating repo functionality on windows without using the cygwin. Cygwin basically emulates Linux ABIs on windows and is prone to errors. My tool is using native windows binaries so no ABI translation is needed. The tool is available for download at: https://github.com/wolverine2k/win-repo/tree/master/releases. The instructions for […]

One more language! – NOOP (NOP) from Google…

I first started working with languages when I was born! Seriously, I had to learn the so called “Human Languages” to communicate with other humans, a couple of them were basically restricted to my region/country and one which is accepted universally (at least with the people I am working with). During my school days I […]

Browser Wars! Adding fuel to the fire… ;)

I was trying to upload some photos to picasaweb and thought of doing it via google chrome this time. They would definitely have tested that site with Chrome and would make it better then the one in IE. Guess what, I can upload only 5 files at a time using Google Chrome. i.e. Chrome does […]

The Google Chrome OS is coming…

http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html Google announces the Google chrome OS which is pretty much a web-based OS. I guess would be much like Palm Pre in that sense. I was wondering when Android will start fragmentation. Looks like 2nd half 2010 or 1st half 2011 as of now 😉 But exciting as it is, lets see how Google […]