Browser Wars! Adding fuel to the fire… ;)

I was trying to upload some photos to picasaweb and thought of doing it via google chrome this time. They would definitely have tested that site with Chrome and would make it better then the one in IE. Guess what, I can upload only 5 files at a time using Google Chrome. i.e. Chrome does not have support for extra addons / BHOs (browser helper objects) that IE or other browser has. So one gets reduced functionality with a reduced browser interface as well.

Hmm.. I like chrome. Infact I am typing this post using chrome. But things like that really annoy me. And for selecting each of those five pictures via a button is really a job best left to people who don’t upload much. This post is another one adding the fuel to the fire.

Browser wars! Who do you think would be the winner? For the time being I think it is IE8 since that is the only browser which I don’t have any problems with. My mozilla 3.0.4 crashed as soon as I had 2 instances open with one instance running a web based game known as Evony and another one running GMail and Yahoo. Safari 4 worked a bit better for sometime and suddenly one fine morning it hanged all the time. One instance running all the same in different tabs plus another instance running 5paisa TT browser.

Write me your experience / comments with different browsers and discuss your opinions in the forums!