Machine Learning – Baby Steps

Machine learning (ML) is the “FUTURE”. I have been reading about it for quite some time now and I am pretty convinced by the statement. We are all talking about BigData, predictive analytics, etc. but really, when a system dude like me tries to foray into the field of ML, everything seems so overwhelming. The […]

VBA Script to Change IE Settings Quickly!

If you are a regular reader of my site, you will know the problems I had been facing with HTTP Authentication and related problems associated with it that I was facing. I solved it using a local forwarding proxy named Delegate. I also have put the script to get Delegate to work properly. All and […]

Anonymous Pipes in Windows!

Recently I had been working on a program to get a set of HTML files rendered in IE and then copy the contents from the IE window to a word document. I wanted to do this in VC++ since it provides very easy access to COM objects like IE, Word, etc. and I have also […]

Browser Wars! Adding fuel to the fire… ;)

I was trying to upload some photos to picasaweb and thought of doing it via google chrome this time. They would definitely have tested that site with Chrome and would make it better then the one in IE. Guess what, I can upload only 5 files at a time using Google Chrome. i.e. Chrome does […]