Michael Jackson MJ is dead!

I was flying to Helsinki from Copanhagen on the morning of Friday 26th June, 2009 and I read the scroll bar on BBC which gave the sad news. I could not believe it for a moment and thought it might be some other Jackson but sadly it was the MJ I knew. I have been hearing MJ since 1987 as far as I can remember. It was a great thing in the sense that I was in India and we didn’t have any medium except for the national TV and radio which rarely broadcast any international songs as such. My neighbor used to love break dancing and had a collection of MJ albums and thats where we listened and tried to dance. After I had access to internet, roughly by 1996-97, I was able to see his videos and watch his songs on MTV that finally began broadcasting in similar time frames.

I loved MJ for his passion and his stubbornness to do things as he would like to even if it was unthinkable and out of the world. In fact he was the first person that I know of who defied god. He was born black but wanted to be a white skinned guy. As abnormal as the thought sounds, he had a passion and willingness to sacrifice everything that he had from family to community to his own individual self. He believed in it and went through the pain and hell to finally achieve what he wanted. That is the kind of dedication and commitment that is required to be successful. The same also reflects in his songs and in his life. Of course he had his own share of criticism which you can find on other sites a many but the most important part was that he was the king of rock and became what he wanted to become.

A great inspiration for everybody around. May god bless his soul.