iPhone 3GS suffers from heating issues…

The topic is hot from the press, “iPhone 3GS suffers from heating issues”. According to reports, the new hardware which is deemed twice as fast as the original one also consumes more power and thereby heats up the device! Now was that a secret that more powerful hardware will consume more power and will need a better heat dissipation system? Heat dissipation and thermal issues are something that every hardware manufacturer is concerned from time immemorial. Thats why the microprocessor vendors had to stop pursuing higher clock speeds and focus on multiple cores instead. Also Intel had to redesign its heat sink architecture to support for higher heat dissipation rates and better thermal management.

To continue and quote on the news: “Select iPhone 3GS buyers have complaints about battery heating issues which are mentioned at the Apple Discussion forums. It started with the French site Nowherelse.fr showing image of discolored white iPhone 3GS due to heating issues after using GPS over 3G wireless. Several tech sites also reported about the heating issues of the new iPhone 3GS. Melissa Perenson, writer for PC World and also iPhone 3GS owner reported that from day one the iPhone 3GS’ back (where the battery is placed) got warm whenever the iPhone 3GS was in use.”

Now generally if you have another phone that ends up heating as badly as iPhone does, then what do you do? Simple, you just remove the battery, put it in a lower temperature room and start using it after 5 minutes. But the amazing part about iPhone is that you cannot remove the battery hence that solution would not work. This can be a real annoyance. One of my colleagues downloaded an app for iPhone and something went wrong. The device just kept on rebooting and my friend had to go to an iPhone service center to fix it. Man it was amusing. The guy was really trying to turn the annonying restarts off but to no avail.

Anyways, I do not want to make 3Million enemies a month by critisizing iPhone. It has its own share of good things as well but some of the things are annoying just because of Steve Jobs stubbornness. I am working in the mobile industry as well as really do want to give a typical user opportunities to play around with my device instead of restricting him. Well well, good luck to iPhone to resolve that issue and the same to iPhone users.