Exploding IPhones!

Sorry to pick on IPhone but I hate cults and iPhone users are one such followers of the cult. Also known as Steve Jobs cult. I think he is a good man but as with all good man, wants to start his own religion 😉

Anyways, the latest in iPhone is Exploding iPhones. Look at the link below:


Now the best part is the EU is giving comments and getting involved into such allegations. I hope they give a kick in Steve Job’s A** as they did with Microsoft. iPhone also has issues with applications such as GV, google voice, etc. and again they do not have a policy of how to accept and reject applications. They do it on their own whim like a dictator and that is what I hate the most about it.

And as always, Apple is not reachable for comments. And as cult members, any person using iPhone or Mac will instantly come to the rescue of Mr. Jobs. Interesting part in the article are the reader comments which says more that what meets the eye/media in general. And now you know why cults survive 😉