Dhanteras–First day of Deepawali!

Today 21st October 2014 is an auspicious day for Hindus all over the globe. This is the first day of Deepawali commonly known as Diwali for this year. Deepawali is a 5 day occasion with each day signifying various aspects of spiritual/social life culminating into the super festival of Deepawali to celebrate the return of […]

Need to face the reality!

I have in my previous articles written about denial and reasons for denial. I have also written about people who live in constant denial either because of their overtly optimistic outlook or downright stubbornness to accept the facts. Most of these people have strong beliefs in one thing or the other. Religious people have the […]

Exploding IPhones!

Sorry to pick on IPhone but I hate cults and iPhone users are one such followers of the cult. Also known as Steve Jobs cult. I think he is a good man but as with all good man, wants to start his own religion 😉 Anyways, the latest in iPhone is Exploding iPhones. Look at […]