Need to face the reality!

I have in my previous articles written about denial and reasons for denial. I have also written about people who live in constant denial either because of their overtly optimistic outlook or downright stubbornness to accept the facts. Most of these people have strong beliefs in one thing or the other. Religious people have the most “weird” views in my opinion and they also have no logical alternatives to switch or re-consider their views (especially the monotheistic ones). I do respect those views as long as they don’t hurt anybody else but such people also have a tendency to exert their views on others which lead to death and destruction. The 2000 year history and ongoing occurrences all around the world is all that one needs to go through to look at the destructive tendencies of these religious people. However it does not mean that religion/religious people have done no good. Most of the world, I would say is still a relatively good place to live because of these people and the moral values that a religion builds its frameworks on.

The second category of people I would put in the denial category are the “Patriotic” ones. These would just like to hear good stuff about their country and their land but whenever one starts to show the bad/unjust things happening, they would simply either term it a fallacy or set straight out to destroy the so-called “coward/spy/dishonest” person(s). But apart from these two, the other one that I find most grueling are the ones who just sit on their seats, fold their hands, turn blind eyes to whatever is happening around and then blame it on the system. But what one does not understand is that, “We the people have created the system”! We are responsible for whatever that is happening around us and all of us has to do whatever is available in his/her capacity to change it. If we see a poor person in need of food and clothing, we can provide him/her with part of our food and clothing. The above 2 categories will not do so. Whereas the last one will just sit and do nothing.

Recently I was watching a very interesting movie “Akrosh”. The story has been truthfully written and well directed to show the abysmal levels untouchability being practiced in India in the rural areas. It also shows how politicians and police have formed a network of local mafia’s and how their unholy nexus wreaks havocs on the poor and needy people. Until now I thought that such movies were exaggerated and only showed the bad side of India. But not this one. This one shows what happens in rural India and how the political mafia assists by providing the damaging and corrupt environment. In the end of the movie, it also shows that India still has hope because of its citizens. The only thing missing is unity and a will to set things straight. I have seen people including me who will not raise a finger against injustice as long as it is not happening to their own self. That tendency is the one that has led to downfall of the people in general. There was another movie “Pipli live” where the politicians and media were making money out of a poor farmers misery. It was a real heart touching movie as well.

And to top it all up, today (after years of cribbing by the opposition), Supreme Court of India finally asked the government to publicly declare the black money and account holders in Swiss banks. The (puppet) government of course said NO to the Supreme Court request stating various reasons but not the most prominent ones i.e. All these black money belongs to politicians and high profile businessmen. Lets see how far the media and people of India go in pursuing this case. Sleep on it and keep a low profile till another exciting news erupts and people of India will forget about it.


Thats how we say it, IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA…