Anna & Party – Political stooges of Sonia Gandhi?

I know I am going to be widely criticized and will have to face a lot of flames from my fellow Indians after having written this article, but as Lord Krishna says, “Karmanneva dhi karaste, ma faleshu kadachana”, I will do my duty and jot down my thoughts on the whole drama that is going on since February 2011. I have been closely following the events and have been exchanging a lot of information with fellow bloggers. Some of my tweets also reflected my doubts. But until now, I did not think the whole political drama needed my own words and thoughts since quite a few bloggers have already discussed and brainstormed on various aspects of the bill and the “Jholawalas” who are promoting it. But today, I do feel that I need to chronologically list the events that have been happening since February 2011, put my own thoughts on what is the motive behind those events and also induce my readers to think a bit more and not be taken as a “mere sheep for the spin”.

Lets us go to the beginning of the whole “anti-corruption” movement. Before such a movement was given name by our Indian-English media, Baba Ramdev was driving peoples anger and provoking them to take an action against corruption. His main agenda was to bring back all the black money hidden in Swiss banks. I am pretty sure my readers know the numbers and how that money can kick out poverty from India once and for all. Anyways, Baba Ramdev was basically going through various places in India and tried to raise awareness and provoke people to do their karma. One of the reports I read suggests that a meeting in New Delhi in January 2011 in Jantar-Mantar attracted an audience of 1 crore people! Even if we take that account by a pinch of salt, I am pretty sure the crowd gathered was much more in number then the 400-600 that Anna and party could accumulate during the beginning of the 4 day drama.

Anna has always been restricting himself to Maharastra and his chief target was Sharad Pawar. Infact according to some of the “conspiracy theories” that I have read, it was Mr. Hazare who kept Sharad Pawar in power by constantly keeping him in limelight. Anyways, such a local activist suddenly became the torch bearer and an activist on the national level! What intrigues me is the speed with which such a transition happened. Of course most of the superb publicity was given by our English speaking media who kept on hammering the public projecting “Tahrir Squares” in Jantar Mantar with promises of a corruption free India with Mr. Anna as the savior descending from heaven. Again, social media was cleverly used to create a big sensation. And all the twitteraty and candle kissers were alive with sensational 160 char messages and global link sharing.

And then all the “Jholawalas” started joining Anna. I would not waste space talking about people like Agnivesh, Medha Patkar, Bhushans, Arundhati Roy and a whole list more. A Google search will reveal everything. But before that, Anna and Kejriwal planned the FB video (yes, the one where Anna talks with parliament in the background) in around November 2010. Anna also attended one of the gathering of Baba Ramdev. Also Anna did target his timing pretty good. I do feel this was an elaborate setup by a very cunning person to break apart the momentum that Ramdev was generating. The coming election would have had an impact for Congress if Ramdev came up with his own party. Ramdev had to be controlled somehow. Also Congress needed to release the steam from the momentum gained by Ramdev and preferably emerge a hero still saving the corrupt/criminal politicos.

So after around a year of depressing news from the falling stock markets, scams and scandals as well as the rising prices, India finally was able to deliver some feel good news by winning the world cup. The 20-20 were to be on in 8 more days but our dear Congress government was facing extreme crisis. Indians were a bit spiced up because of the events happening in other countries and winning the world cup. They started asking questions. Ramdev would get more footing if that trend continued. Also, Ramdev’s movement would have given political advantage to the opposition because of the same-same color (orange)! So someone brings in a savior who features a “Gandhi Cap” (a farce that still hits points for the congress) wearing 73 year old guy onto the national theatre. Someone also invests a lot in using the mass communication medium to project the guy (Anna) as a (overnight) national hero.

And next thing you know, he goes on a fast! A typical Gandhian way of protesting against the authorities. To attract the normal crowd, he starts using “Bharat Mata”/”Durga Mata” image. The image is kept for the first 2 days so that Ramdev cadre also joins into the Anna cadre. Of course by Ramdev cadre, I mean the Hindus and normal working class Indians who feel a lot about Ramdev and his terrific speeches. Anna also praises Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Ramdev, BJP, etc. go on stage with Anna and start promoting a Jan Lokpal bill. Nobody till that point of time knows the contents of the bill. But let us look into the bill in another article. For the time being, Anna starts saying “Vande Matram” loudly. “Vande Matram” and “Bharat Mata” are 2 words which makes all the Indians come together. Anna gets huge support thanks to the media and the candle kissers. Suddenly likes of Roys and Patkars come and criticize Anna for putting up Hindu symbols and slogans in his Indian movement!

And the events happening after this proves beyond doubt that Anna is a stooge of the congress. He immediately removes “Bharat Mata” from the flag and replaces her with the “National Flag”. Though there is nothing wrong in it, but a nationalist phenomena was hijacked by pseudo-secularists. Also uttering of “Vande Matram” stops and everybody restricts to “Hindustan Zindabad”! And again the “Jholawalas” cry out against Anna for praising Narendra Modi. So Anna retracts that statement as well and calls Narendra Modi corrupt and inhuman! And as I see this, all the above 3 were done to attract the normal Hindu working class people and get the Ramdev cadre into Anna camp. So what happens next? Congress guys forms a committee consisting of “Jholawala” appointees and who else but congress politicians. Opposition is not considered for that committee even when India is a “DEMOCRACY”! Anna ends the fast by drinking Pepsi’s Nimbu a day before 20-20 starts. So end of drama, people go happy with a hope something happens, congress emerges with a good image and Ramdev & opposition are crushed without any resistance.

Oh, and did I tell you that as soon as Anna started his fast, our dear old Sonia G met him only 4 hours after his fast started. Anna previously had stated that everything was remote controlled (and no doubt he pointed to Sonia for the corruption) but after meeting Sonia G, he suddenly started singing her praises and said that if anybody could end corruption, it is Sonia! Sonia G is an expert in setting up extra constitutional authorities like CPC, CBI, NAC, etc. So getting a Lokpal is the next logical step to get everything under control and remove anybody like Modi, Manmohan, etc. who goes against her. Before flaming, please read the draft bill proposed by Anna and his team and also read other commentaries on the proposal. I will put my commentaries later on.

And on the ending note, Anna went to a 5-star hotel to sleep during the nights of his fasts. People who were also on fast with him were taken to hospital but our 73 year old was “hatta-katta”. And I have my doubts on what might be served to him in the 5-star hotel apart from food and cash! So I am totally convinced that Anna is a stooge of congress deployed very skillfully by a seasoned politician and that he is a traitor and as corrupt himself. But if he is not and I am all wrong, then Mr. Anna is just a stupid old fag who played into hands of Sonia G. In any case, I am not impressed and do hope that Jan Lokpal is not enforced on us by stupid fags, corrupt politicians and anti-human NGOs. Above all, I do hope that Sonia G is not able to control us by another extra constitutional authority.