Where have I been?

It is almost 2 months since my last entry. And believe me, it is quite a busy season these days. Nokia’s announcement on MeeGo was definitely a shocker. Though my interest in MeeGo continues and deep down in my heart, I still do hope to see MeeGo on my HW soon. Typical summer approaching here in Sweden. And everybody knows that Swedes take a long “semester” (vacation) during summer. So all my old and new customers are lining up trying to get things straightened out beforehand. It is quite amazing on the level of renewed interest in new gadgets this year.

And then I had to remove the wiki on my web for 2 reasons: i) I was not using it as I intended to do and ii) There were a lot of spam pages in there linking to various other non-reliable sites. After cleaning up that mess, I discovered a similar situation with my forum (http://forums.naresh.se/) and had to take remedial actions. After that my wife snatched away my maemo device and gave me her HTC DHD instead. I was planning to blog about it and my experience with Android but time was not on my side. In short, I really love my maemo device. And if Nokia wants people to have an iota of good will for themselves, they should open source maemo. The open source community can take it up from there. MeeGo handset can then be developed much faster. So anyways, the DHD was draining battery and the stock ROM was coming loaded with a full shit of useless applications which choked on the bandwidth and also used the computing power.

One night, I decided to put a custom build so first had to downgrade my DHD, put on an engineering boot loader, turn S-off and radio S-off, do a full wipe and install a new ROM GB B4 from LeeDroid. I also upgraded the radio and everything is working like a charm. Personalization of the device is quite some job but it happened. On the other hand, personalization of the device for my wife was easy on the N900. She just deleted the whole phonebook and calendar and removed my accounts and replaced it with hers. And she is very happy with her device. The good part according to her is the ease with which she can use the device and all the applications she will ever need. One such example is a VOIP/SIP client. Maemo has build in VOIP capabilities and a decent client integrated with the dialer. Whereas in Android, one needs to download an application to do SIP stuff. And the professional applications cost upwards of 100 SEK. For now, I found out CSIPSimple to be okay. And my wife was much happy with the app installer as well. With Android, I need to waste an incredible amount of time going through fart apps before I find something interesting.

Anyways, that was my short review of the two devices. Hopefully, MeeGo will help us get more openness and less of the fart apps. And then it was my kid falling sick every now and then. Things should change now that we will have summer and my parents will come over to visit and stay with us. I should hopefully get some more time as well to blog and do other serious stuff. By the way, I have a nifty new social apps idea and I have spent a couple of hours working on it. Hopefully, it should be in some kind of shape and I hope that it goes viral after a few days of launch. I think that idea is a true social one, lets see how the app turns out. I will post more details as soon as I have some working code up, running and hosted. I also did some applications for a couple of my friends. I will post the code and binaries in the forums soon.

Till then, keep coding and have fun. Between, discovered EiffelStudio. Google it and check it out.