OrmLite – Lightweight ORM Package + Android + *<—>* relationship?

My most recent adventure in Android/Multi-platform applications is CrickBoard! It is hosted on github.com and is licensed under GPLv3. The application is still under construction and there will be some time before it becomes fully operational. Most of the work is remaining in the UI and further utility functions related to UI data handling. This […]

Lead the way Microsoft!

First of all, a very Happy New Year 2015 to all my readers. I am feeling pretty excited at the start of this year. Ericsson has shutdown the modem business and moved its modem workforce into core baseband business. Yes, I am now working as one. Telecommunications as a whole feels like a commodity especially […]

Win-REPO–A custom repo tool on Windows!

I have created a tool in my free time for duplicating repo functionality on windows without using the cygwin. Cygwin basically emulates Linux ABIs on windows and is prone to errors. My tool is using native windows binaries so no ABI translation is needed. The tool is available for download at: https://github.com/wolverine2k/win-repo/tree/master/releases. The instructions for […]

Android Applications released!

This post is a bit of marketing for the applications that I have been doing since the last couple of weeks. I have now release three applications on the Android Market. The first one is a re-write of my open source application Conference Manager (GPLv2) for Maemo. This application is also available in the Maemo […]

Where have I been?

It is almost 2 months since my last entry. And believe me, it is quite a busy season these days. Nokia’s announcement on MeeGo was definitely a shocker. Though my interest in MeeGo continues and deep down in my heart, I still do hope to see MeeGo on my HW soon. Typical summer approaching here […]