Android Applications released!

This post is a bit of marketing for the applications that I have been doing since the last couple of weeks. I have now release three applications on the Android Market. The first one is a re-write of my open source application Conference Manager (GPLv2) for Maemo. This application is also available in the Maemo Extra repository. I was hoping to port it to MeeGo but Mr. Elop had other plans. So I have stopped contributing to MeeGo all-together. And the best thing that happened was that I got an Android device (HTC Desire HD) about 3 months ago. The first thing I did was root it and then load some custom ROMs.

After much experimentation, I am now stable on HoneySense 3D 1.1. It has excellent battery life, no FCs and is a very good ROM. I am in no mood to change my ROM anytime soon. So now I have focused on the application aspect. The first thing I did was a complete re-write of Conference Manager for Android. This one is licensed under proprietary license and the source is closed. I am also planning to launch a PRO version with added capabilities like directly looking into Calendar and creating profiles, editing/deleting of templates, sync of data with users google mail account, etc. The free version will have all the capabilities of the Maemo Conference Manager with support for getting templates from server, creating templates and creating profiles from templates. I will release this version in a couple of days.

The second application that I have developed is SMSBiljett (GRATIS) and SMSBiljett PRO. This application basically is a ticketing application that can be used all across Sweden. Most of the Swedish states and cities have stopped accepting cash on trains and buses and replaced it with SMS Ticketing. My applications help people to get the ticket without remembering the cryptic codes and numbers to SMS, etc. It is also very flexible to buy tickets for more than one person in a single go. The GRATIS version is only working with Skånetrafiken.

The PRO version works with a lot of different city traffics including Skånetrafiken, Stockholm Transport, ÖstgötaTrafiken, Västmanland Public Transport, Västtrafik, Hallandstrafiken (Urban), Umeå (Urban), Upplands Region Traffic, etc. I will also update the application with support for SMS parking, traffic routing, etc. in later phases in the PRO version.

Hopefully it would be fun and people will help me with some cash motivation(!) :). But please feel free to download the applications, take them for a spin and give me your valuable feedback and comments. I would also like to hear about the features that you might want to get in. Separate application ideas are also welcome. So take care and peace out. Hopefully you will like my Marketing post!