Android Applications released!

This post is a bit of marketing for the applications that I have been doing since the last couple of weeks. I have now release three applications on the Android Market. The first one is a re-write of my open source application Conference Manager (GPLv2) for Maemo. This application is also available in the Maemo […]

R.I.P. Nokia…

Today, 11th February 2011, is an unfortunate day in the history of mobile computing. Microsoft and Nokia has announced partnerships for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) as the primary smartphone platform on Nokia devices. Besides WP7, Nokia will also run Bing and in turn Bing will use the Ovi Maps for their backend. Nokia will also […]

Conference Manager for Maemo

A post after a long time now! The last I wrote for my blog was in April. And it is August now. Probably one of the longest breaks in my blog writing career. But I was busy with work as usual. Then with my vacation and then with my new passion in Maemo. In case […]