Challenges that must be faced!

It was a big day when the Narendra Modi government was sworn in the Indian Parliament. Never before had India seen such a great victory for a single democratic party! Never before did people celebrate on their own free will when the elections were over! Never before was the happiness levels, expectations and aspirations at their all time high for an average Indian! Even the Indians outside of India who were no longer technically Indians (having renounced their Indian Citizenship) were so very happy, outgoing and celebrating. I myself had distributed sweets in my entire team and with tears in my eyes, had prayed passionately and was thankful to God to finally free “Bharat Mata” from the clutches of evil, immoral, corrupt, blood sucking nexus that was the previous government.

I as many other Indians was expecting the new government to take bold decisions. Decisions that will instill a measure of confidence in an average Indian, decisions on issues that the previous government will not even think about talking, decisions which are bold, decisions that provides for safety, security and prosperity not only to the rich but to the poor of the poorest, decisions on economic policies which will not only increase the life for the miserable poor but make them at par and remove the levels/barriers between rich and poor. But like many Indians, my impatient nature is now really doubting if the change that was promised will come later then expected. Beware that I am not at all doubting that change is coming, I am only uncertain of the time frame of the changes happening.

As I have said many times, the first 6 months are very crucial for the Modi government. The Modi government very well used the information & social media to raise the hopes of Indians in India and abroad. The same media was also highlighting the failures, social and economic issues of the previous government. Tremendous people participation and social movement raised the general political knowledge of an average Indian. It seemed that everybody knew what they wanted and what the country wanted. And after giving the obvious majority that was demanded, I see things not happening at the pace I would like it to happen. And in no way I am saying that the wheels have stopped rolling, I am just saying that they are rolling at a very slow pace.

There are quite a few issues on which at least discussions should start in the Parliament. Now is the chance when the Modi government could undo a lot of wrongs that were done in Bharat. Below are a list of top priority things that I feel the Modi government should immediately take a stance on and provide a roadmap/plan of implementation.

1. Article 370: The topmost priority for the nation is to work towards removing article 370. My displeasure right now is that the new government hasn’t even started discussions or started motivating the information/social media on why it is a blemish on Bharat Mata.

2. Safety of women and children: Looking at the amazingly strange and bizarre cases of rapes and violence happening against the length and breath of India when it comes to women and children, I am surprised that the government has decided to face in the other direction. A debate, national awareness, again using the power of information and social media to educate and bring awareness in the public will help instigate confidence that the government is at least looking into the issue and will provide for the required safety net.

3. Revamping of the Judicial System: The Indian judicial system is a mess when it comes to dispatching justice in a timely manner. Even in the cases that are dealt with, the actual accused are released on account of old outdated laws which hold no relevance in criminal situations. Example is the prime accused in the “Nirbhaya” case that got away as he was 17 and considered juvenile. The crime committed was of course not something that even an adult could do. No discussions are started in the Parliament for changing these archaic laws.

4. Bangladeshis’ in Bangladesh: Everybody is aware of the huge inflow of illegal bangaldeshi immigrants in India. Many state governments like the one in West Bengal have legalized these illegal migrants who are now on a rampage to shred Bharat Mata to pieces. According to an estimate, there are more then 4 Million illegal bnagladeshis now living in India. My heart bleeds when a patriotic government is not even trying to bring this issue on the hotlist.

5. Straitening of Bureaucracy: Last and not the least is to remove the babu culture and make sure that existing bureaucracy is serving the people properly and is aware of the repercussions if they don’t till the new system is in place.

I know Modi is much more advanced in his thoughts on how he would like to see Bharat Mata. But I think that Modi should again start using the information and social media to start raising awareness on the issues. Awareness will lead to debates, debates will lead to opinions and opinions will lead to decisions. Ultimately, the whole game is about taking the rational decision at the right point in time. The public involvement is needed even while running the government. Development should be a focus, but development without security is too short a goal even to aim for. Modi government should initiate the debates and take decisions in the right direction even if they are unpopular or might create a little friction in the country. Not even God can keep everybody happy but Modi can keep the majority happy and below the “frustration threshold” taking the hard decisions and facing the challenges. Challenges that must be faced, challenges that can’t be put away with and challenges that will not go away with passing time but instead will become more of a bigger problem.

We are with you Modi Saheb. Keep up the good work. Take bold decisions and provide for the prosperity, harmony, stability, safety and freedom that Bharat Mata demands for. Jai Hind.