More Swedish than me!

Interesting times these are in Sweden. We will have one of the most anticipated elections of modern times in Sweden. The people of Sweden need to understand that whatever and whoever they choose this time will set the tone for the future of Sweden. If Sweden wants to go down the path of full fledged development, reverse its decline of revenues, empower its youth and pave the way for the future generations, all of these and much more depends on the outcome of the elections.

One thing that everybody agrees on is that Sweden has an unrestricted policy of providing support to refugees. When looked at it from many different perspectives, there are multiple feelings being voiced by both native and non-native Swedes. Getting a huge number of refugee inflow not only negatively affects the growth rate, but also has cascading effects that leads to all kinds of ghettoism (religious, nationalistic, racist, etc). The refugees on one part are non-productive (especially the women, children and old ones) and on the other hand are a drain on the social environment of Sweden. This fact is now being recognized and a lot more people are aware about the kind of indifference that has been seen in the ruling government who is not taking any steps to remove/reduce the negative effects.

Parties like SD, Skåne Partiet, etc. are in one sense, raising awareness of the problem which needs to be addressed albeit in the wrong way! Sometimes the speeches given are seen as vomits of a raving lunatic though they hold some truth in there. As the government is not taking any note of the problem nor acknowledging the existence of the problem, the Swedish people feel betrayed. These feelings of betrayal are more prevalent across Sweden though most of the people are still afraid to raise their voices in public. Differences between refugees and immigrants have been reduced and most of all black haired guys are seen with only one lens which is very harmful in the long run for the country.

No doubt that SD will come out most probably as the 3rd largest party in the elections (and maybe 2nd largest if we are to hear the hidden opinions of most Swedes), the crucial need for both parties like SD and ruling government is to acknowledge the facts.

1. Sweden has problems with refugees
2. Sweden cannot continue sustaining the refugee inflow and still follow the socialistic society model
3. Refugees are different from Immigrants who in most cases have migrated to Sweden for other reasons and not war!
4. Parties like SD needs to make sure that they do not invoke hatred between people, instead they should address the real problem

Now why am I writing all these? Well, I was walking down a road when suddenly a drunk lady of around 50/55 stopped me and started talking to me. The questions started with very basic, who are you, what language do you speak types and nationality. When I said I am Swedish, she suddenly shot back, oh but you know, I am more Swedish than you!

Probably she is right but then what kind of Swedish is more Swedish than any other Swedish? This is the question that we need to answer. As a Swedish citizen, I would like to see my Sweden:

1. Having equal opportunities for everyone
2. No racial discrimination based on color of skin or religious following
3. Everybody contributing to the economy i.e. by working and paying taxes
4. Leeching of economic benefits should be stopped i.e. reducing the refugee intake, reduce unemployment, reduce the benefits given to people who are not positively contributing to the society
5. Open society like Sweden used to be
6. Fastest growing economy in the EU 
7. Reduction of ghettoism and implementation of methods to make the people already in Sweden productive
8. Curb the religious extremism that is fueling in the 2nd generation Swedes (refugee children) who are now full fledged youth

All the parties needs to take up this issue and try to come out with implementation of proposals for the betterment of Sweden. It wouldn’t do Sweden any good if SD comes to power harping the same tune that it is harping now, or if the SoCDem comes in coalition with some other parties doing what it is doing now and not addressing the refugee problem. Finally, I would like to tell all my Swedish brothers and sisters that we are all Swedish be it from different skin colors, religion and even different culture. Sweden is as much a home to me as to you and other Swedes.

Personally, I would have voted for SD but I need to hear more plans on what after they curb the refugee issue or how they are going to curb it and what actions they are taking to reduce the hatred that they have brew up and what kind of Sweden will they give to the citizens. SocDem has failed on each and every issue especially this boiling one. Other parties either have agendas which are counter productive or extreme left which is no good for Sweden. Guess the outcome will tell us who Sweden chooses but I  do hope SD does much better and brings an overall inclusive growth in their agenda instead of racist hitting.

All the best Sweden!