2014 Retrospective!

Year 2014 was very interesting for me both professionally and personally. It had its own ups and downs. Today I want to retrospect on 2014 and important things that happened around me!

2014 started with an exciting CES in LA where demos with M7450 and SLSI 44xx were shown. Proud to mention that I had been very heavily involved with the bridge implementation on SLSI 44xx and M7450. And in Feb 2014, I was in Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona with Ericsson modems business showing 5 different demos ranging from global device to carrier aggregation (CA) to CAT4 DL speeds on real live Ericsson back bones. Proud to say again that I was the one who coded all the demos in various technologies.

Finally by March, one of a long standing issue in the projects was resolved! I also started representing Ericsson in MIPI Software Working Group (SWG) simultaneously chairing a community of practice (COP) for Logging in Ericsson modems. And finally, Ericsson released the Samsung products with M7450 (Mega II, Note 4 and some more models) in various markets! Proud to say again that I was involved with the “Bridge” bring-up project back in April 2013 when the project was being evaluated.

We had some pretty interesting projects going on with various AP vendors in the whole world. Finally “Bridge” was getting the acceptance it should have got a long time ago. Also BMOD was finally investing in running Linux on the DCPU! On the personal front, we had a nice trip across Switzerland and Italy with my cousin brother and his wife. On the other part, I was for the first time robbed of my wallet in Switzerland! Lost a lot of hard earned dough and learned a lot from that incident.

But that is as far as the good news goes! The bad part was the decision by Ericsson to shutdown/get out of the modems business. I lost a lot of my good friends in the process. To tell the truth, it does feel as if I have joined a new company! The field of work is different, technology is different, people are different and business is different. I also let go of a very wonderful opportunity in London which I had to let go because of family reasons!

On the plus front, I have now finally enrolled in a Swedish course and am trying to improve on it with all my heart! Also am looking forward to some more exciting stuff to happen this year which I am yet to disclose ;).