“Libtards” –> Liberal retard!

First of all, I wish to convey my greetings to everybody on the auspicious occasion of Holi. It is a widely celebrated festival in India. Please go through “Legend of Holika & Prahalad” as I will not waste space repeating it. The topic for today is libtards!

Urban Dictionary goes into more details of who a libtard is. But basically, it is a person

1. Who thinks he is intellectually superior to others

2. Who thinks he is always right and others are wrong

3. Who lives in a fantasy world devoid of facts

4. Who basically is a socialist of the extreme variety

5. Who have zero knowledge of the topic they are discussing but will regardless discuss

6. Who will make baseless accusations and run away when asked to provide proofs or throw further baseless accusations

Besides the above, I like the following snapped from Urban Dictionary, “Metaphorically speaking, a libtard is a sheep who thinks that their grasp of diplomatic nuance or metaphysical sensitivity will prevent their flock from being devoured by the world’s Islamic/Communist/leftist wolves.”

Anyways, I today was attack  by such a libtard for voicing my views on social media. Comments after comments from him were baseless accusations. In the end, he simply ran away citing other important things to do. Basically a real life libtard interaction is not always as cool as it sounds. Especially if the libtard turns out to be one of your friends who would likely shout at you on social media but will keep mum when you meet him everyday.

Such libtards are basically drains on your energy. They can only do baseless accusations without any justifications. I have encountered libtards of various varieties. There are some who believe in democracy but will allow a dictator to rule just because they like him! There are some libtards who will go to the extent of terming somebody as a freedom of speech suppressor where infact they really are the ones to do so. Libtards are the ones who will undeniably cry for the perpetrators and ask for their human rights than cry for the victims.

In any case, my advice to readers is to stay away from libtards. From an intellectual stand point, a retard stands on higher grounds than a libtard. Libtards are the myopic malignant cancer of the civilized society.

And so ends my rant! Enjoy yourself with libtards but don’t hesitate to expose them when you see one!