We go mobile… http://mobil.naresh.se/

Type this URL in your mobile http://www.naresh.se/ and you will be amazed to see that the blog now supports mobile display sizes as well. So you can be updated all the way on any screen size and where ever you are. Enjoy the new content without straining your eyes or your fingers or your stylus.

If you want to try how it looks in the web-browser use http://mobil.naresh.se/. Alternatively to try out how it would look in different phone browsers try the following:

http://www.naresh.se/?mobile – Same as http://mobil.naresh.se/
http://www.naresh.se/?iphone – To see how the site would look on an iPhone browser
http://www.naresh.se/?operam – To see how the site would look on an Opera Mini browser
http://www.naresh.se/?msce – To see how the site would look on a Windows Mobile Pocket Internet Explorer

Of course the site detects what kind of browser/device you are using and displays everything accordingly. Allright, I know you know what I am talking about. Enjoy…