Hardware & Software repairs in Skåne, Sweden?

Recently my ASUS A6000VM laptop burned its charging circuit. I wanted some help to quickly fix and either replace the parts which were burned out or just the whole motherboard / mainboard. So I contacted a guy who kept it for 21 days and in the end returned the laptop to me saying the parts were not available! I was quitte surprised and asked him as to what he was doing and he was playing around with the transistors and other components on the main board. It would have been great to replace parts of the mainboard if that would be anywhere cheap. He asked for 1500 SEK and a new main board costs around 1200 SEK. So why not just go ahead and replace the main board instead. But somehow he didn’t quite understand it.

Anyways, I am now replacing the main board myself. It is quite a task to get it in sweden but I am asking my friend in US to ship one for me. The point being it is cheap and fun to do things yourself. So if any of  you people out there needs any help with PC be it hardware or software related, just write to me: naresh at naresh.se and if you are in a place where I can reach you, then I would be glad to help you out else I can always talk on the phone or email or chat or whatever medium is accessible to me and you of course. And NO, I am not going to take any charges from you. I am just doing it for fun and to spread the knowledge around.

If I find time, I will try to make a video clip of when I disassemble my ASUS and replace the mainboard. It would be fun with a running commentary :).

Cheers & have fun computing.