EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x – Source Code

My previous post http://www.naresh.se/2009/09/24/easysmsv0-1-for-windows-mobile-6-x/ describes in detail why I created EasySMSv0.1 for my Windows Mobile device. Just search the Internet for “tmail.exe crashing in Windows Mobile” and you will find loads of people with the problem. Not one of them has been able to find a proper solution. I have created the application to have […]

EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x

The tmail.exe (i.e. the messaging application) on my Windows Mobile v6.1 is crashing all the time and it really frustrates me. The other effect was that I was not able to write to my contacts or do anything with the messaging application which left me paralyzed and it also felt as a big drop in […]

Hardware & Software repairs in Skåne, Sweden?

Recently my ASUS A6000VM laptop burned its charging circuit. I wanted some help to quickly fix and either replace the parts which were burned out or just the whole motherboard / mainboard. So I contacted a guy who kept it for 21 days and in the end returned the laptop to me saying the parts […]