EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x – Source Code

My previous post http://www.naresh.se/2009/09/24/easysmsv0-1-for-windows-mobile-6-x/ describes in detail why I created EasySMSv0.1 for my Windows Mobile device. Just search the Internet for “tmail.exe crashing in Windows Mobile” and you will find loads of people with the problem. Not one of them has been able to find a proper solution. I have created the application to have a possible solution to typing in an SMS and sending it to your list of contacts. Some applications like “BaselsSMSer” were good but had their shortcomings. No copy, paste content features, no group mailing, etc. were pretty frustrating. And some like “Power SMS” were completely useless and did not meet my criteria. And most of these were paid. Phew.. so I created my own.

Now as promised, I have published the source code for the software. It can be found on my forum at: Source Code for EasySMSv0.1.

The same post also talks about other features that I am planning to add to this software. So this is not the last of the EasySMS versions that you have seen. If you have ideas and feature requests, do not hesitate to reply me on the forum thread or this post.

Have fun computing…