EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x

The tmail.exe (i.e. the messaging application) on my Windows Mobile v6.1 is crashing all the time and it really frustrates me. The other effect was that I was not able to write to my contacts or do anything with the messaging application which left me paralyzed and it also felt as a big drop in the functionality of my Windows Mobile device. I have an ASUS P570 updated with the latest code. The repetitive crashing started happening after I was in Germany and I don’t know why, it has never stopped. Google search brought up a lot of people with similar problems and as always people had lots of advice to give. I didn’t want to do a hard reset on my device because it has a lot of data and registry settings as well as is very tightly coupled to applications on my storage card. After some searching around, I found Basel’s SMS Sender to be quite a tool but it lacks functionality like sending to multiple contacts, copy, paste of the content, etc.

So I decided to write my own app which satisfies my requirements. The binary CAB installer for EasySMSv0.1 is available at http://funcomputing.uuuq.com/downloads/ … taller.CAB

The application can send SMS to one or multiple contacts from phonebook to other numbers then mobile, with multiple concatenated SMS support. It also takes in numbers typed in directly and as an added bonus, allows you to spam the people around. Though I do not recommend using it since spamming others will get you into their black book and you will be charged for each and every SMS that you send.
The application works pretty good. I will soon post the source code and am also thinking of future enhancements to make.


Please use the thread http://www.naresh.se/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=12 in my forum to discuss and submit bugs/ideas for the application, etc. The source will be published on the link in the forum thread which can be downloaded only if you are a registered member of the forum. Enjoy and keep computing.