Install Microsoft XNA 4.0 refresh without VS2010 for VS2015

My previous article shows how to install Microsoft XNA 4.0 refresh without VS 2010 for VS2013. In the meantime, Microsoft is kind enough to release a Community Preview version of VS 2015. And boy it looks amazing. It is fast, has a lot of functionality, and I basically am in love with it! Also […]

EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x – Source Code

My previous post describes in detail why I created EasySMSv0.1 for my Windows Mobile device. Just search the Internet for “tmail.exe crashing in Windows Mobile” and you will find loads of people with the problem. Not one of them has been able to find a proper solution. I have created the application to have […]

EasySMSv0.1 for Windows Mobile 6.x

The tmail.exe (i.e. the messaging application) on my Windows Mobile v6.1 is crashing all the time and it really frustrates me. The other effect was that I was not able to write to my contacts or do anything with the messaging application which left me paralyzed and it also felt as a big drop in […]

We go mobile…

Type this URL in your mobile and you will be amazed to see that the blog now supports mobile display sizes as well. So you can be updated all the way on any screen size and where ever you are. Enjoy the new content without straining your eyes or your fingers or your stylus. […]